The consortium consists of partners with a proven track record of high quality research and technical expertise covering all fields of CYBECO research.

TREK Development SA

TREK Development SA (former TREK Consulting SA) is a company established in 1995 in Athens, Greece. It is part of the TREK group of companies with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Munich and Nicosia and with activities including a wide range of Management Consulting and Technology Services, exercised both in private and public institutions and organizations. TREK offers a wide range of services including project implementation and management, technical assistance, preparation of plans and studies, evaluation of projects and exploitation of project results. In particular, the projects of TREK are shaped on the basis of four major business lines:

  • Strategy services focused on public sector and governmental services referring to business modelling, technical assistance in the management and implementation of cross-border projects, strategic plans, business plans, feasibility studies, marketing plans, market and marketing research, advisory in communications of public affairs.
  • Local/regional development services & development assistance referring to regional development plans, formulation and evaluation of development programs, promotion of cross-border, interregional and transnational cooperation and networking, development assistance.
  • Technology services referring to technical assistance in technology project, ICT consulting, IT auditing, development and operation of Web platforms.
  • Organization and operations services referring to programme and project management at international level, business process management and redesign, change management, total quality management.

TREK holds vast experience in the management and implementation of cooperation programmes and projects, in the design and implementation of promotion and diffusion plans to specific target-audiences and the society as a whole, in the economic and technical analysis of activities, in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of activities and policies, in drafting policy recommendations, in the preparation of action and operational plans and in facilitating financing of financial institutions.

TREK has been actively involved in EU Funded R&D programmes since their initiation. The TREK Group (through its technology arm, Hypertech) is currently involved as a main partner in the FP7 Projects INERTIA, OS4ES and BESOS, as well as in the H2020 Projects NOBEL GRID, ORBEET and MOEEBIUS. TREK Consulting also holds vast experience in technical assistance for the management, coordination, dissemination, implementation and capitalisation of results of many cross-border cooperation projects of SUDEP – EC DG NEAR (ENERBE project), IPA ADRIATIC CBC (HERA project), CBC GR-IT 2007-2013 (JOY-WELCULT, CBC GR-AL 2007-2013 (ACCESS project), CBC GR-BG 2007-2013 (SKILLS-BALANCING project), ENPI CBC MED (MED-ROUTE & MEDeGOV projects), SEE (CLOUD project), INTERREG IVC (INNOVAGE project), MED (ICTIMED, WIDE, ICS & RESPONSIBLE-MED projects).

Role in CYBECO

TREK holds the roles of project management and of coordinating dissemination and exploitation activities. TREK valorizes its experience in managing projects and programmes at international level, in the dissemination and diffusion of project results and outputs, and in the definition of exploitation plans. On top of this, TREK Consulting will exploit its following specific capacities in tasks of the project:

  • Market research and analysis in the frame of the identification of market sector specificities and in the frame of market segmentation for cyberinsurance implementation;
  • Evaluation of technical solutions and of project activities in the frame of model validation with relevant actors from different sectors;Development of cost models and pricing solutions (marketing planning) in the frame of the determination of appropriate pricing by the insurer and of the estimation of costs of intangible risks;
  • Experience and expertise in the operation of credit institutions which depends upon Cybersecurity.