The consortium consists of partners with a proven track record of high quality research and technical expertise covering all fields of CYBECO research.

Delft University of Technology, Faculty Technology, Policy & Management

TU Delft is the largest university of technology in the Netherlands, and is ranked 51-60 worldwide in the Times Higher Education Ranking. The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management combines insights from the engineering sciences with insights from the humanities and the social sciences. The Faculty’s mission is to develop robust models and designs in order to solve the complex challenges of today’s networked, urbanized knowledge society. The Faculty, totalling 259 fte scientific staff, is comprised of three closely collaborating departments, each with a different perspective on addressing these complex societal challenges: systems, governance and values.

The smart combination of these three perspectives is at the core of Comprehensive Engineering, and is the main thrust of the Faculty.  The main application domains of the Faculty, in which the majority of its research projects can be clustered, are: energy, climate, mobility, ICT, water, and cyber.

Within CYBECO, the expertise of all three departments will be contributed. The Safety & Security Science group, chairing the TU Delft Safety & Security Institute DSyS, is a world-leading centre of expertise in risk management. Its mission is to contribute and excel with scientific methods and techniques in developing evidence-based theories and innovative practices, in order to quantify, predict, visualise and optimise risk and hazard levels of loss of human life and multi-variate damage, to acceptable levels. The Economics of Cybersecurity group, part of the Multi-Actor Systems department, is widely known for its policy advice concerning cybersecurity issues based on evidence from risk indicators based on network data. Within the Engineering Systems & Services department, the focus is on cybersecurity risk in the design of critical infrastructures.

Role in CYBECO

The role of TU Delft in CYBECO lies mostly in contributing, further developing and integrating our expertise in cyber risk management, as well as leading the work package on Policy implications.