The consortium consists of partners with a proven track record of high quality research and technical expertise covering all fields of CYBECO research.

University of Northumbria, Psychology and Communication Technology (PaCT) Lab

Northumbria University is a research-rich, business-focused, professional university based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Northumbria is one of the largest higher education establishments in the United Kingdom, with 36,000 students from over 130 countries across four faculties resulting in a vibrant and multicultural student population. It is currently one of the UK’s ten biggest providers in taught postgraduate education. It has over 500 PhD students and over 2000 academic staff. Northumbria is ranked 21st out of 111 universities in the 2014 Times Higher Education Student Satisfaction Survey.

The Psychology and Communication Technology (PaCT) Lab is a research group based in Northumbria University’s Department of Psychology.  It was established in 2002 to explore the relationships between people and technology and to study four overlapping themes of privacy, security, trust and behaviour change.    Our staff are predominantly psychologists who draw upon a wide range of research methods and tools.  The lab has access to a dedicated suite of laboratories with video editing facilities, eye-tracking equipment and workshop space, plus access to good participant panels, including panels of older adults (aged 75+).

PaCTLab has been instrumental in the understanding of the human side of technology and cyber security with major grants from government and industry.  Our ongoing and recent projects have investigated security and privacy issues in the workplace, exploring both employee and employer awareness of cyber threat and the mitigation of that threat.  Additionally, we have explored global identity and access management, usable and inclusive security, privacy preferences, online trust and disclosure patterns over social media.  Overriding all of our research is the notion of behaviour change (e.g. how can we change end-user behaviour to promote security and enhance privacy).

Role in CYBECO

The role of the Northumbria University team in the project will focus on providing support about behavioural and psychological insights concerning both defenders and attackers, adoption of cyberinsurance and policies regarding cybersecurity