The consortium consists of partners with a proven track record of high quality research and technical expertise covering all fields of CYBECO research.

DevStat, Servicios de Consultoría Estadística, S.L.

Established in 2004, DevStat is an independent, private consultancy and research company located in Valencia (Spain). DevStat is specialised in R&D and consulting projects where quantitative methods intersect decision-making in two complementary dimensions:

  • Development of Statistics: R&D in statistics and other quantitative methods to support decision-making and institutional support to public institutions and private company to implement data revolution strategies;
  • Statistics for Development: application of statistical and other innovative quantitative methods (behavioural economics, machine learning, positive mathematical programing, etc.) to enhance policy-making and business development.

DevStat has participated in research and consulting projects financed by multilateral entities and organisations such as Eurostat, and other European Commission directorates and agencies (e.g. EuropeAid, DG Trade, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Eurofound), the World Bank or the Inter-American Development Bank, with public and private beneficiaries. It was awarded with several framework contracts to support the EC in the innovation of quantitative methods such as: a 4-year Framework Contract by Eurostat “European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) on Statistical Methodology” (tender specifications ESTAT/A/2014/023), for the provision of training on statistical methodology for the EC and NSIs; a 4-year Framework Contract by Eurostat on “Methodology and Research” (tender specifications 2008/S 200-264715), for the provision of support to Eurostat on statistical methodology and a 3-year framework contract by DG MARE (technical specifications MARE/2009/2008) for the provision of support to DG MARE for the monitoring of the implementation of national programmes for the data collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector. More recently, DevStat took part in the evaluation of the Community Statistical Programme 2008-2012, financed by Eurostat and in the organisation of Eurostat’s workshops on modernisation, big data and data visualisation.

DevStat’s team is composed of senior and junior statisticians, data scientist and experimental and behavioural economists, including experienced project managers responsible for the implementation and backstopping of national and international projects. Apart from in-house staff, DevStat counts on a wide network of senior and junior free-lance experts; many of them with experience in National Statistical Offices and international organisations, covering all the main areas of official statistics, such as macroeconomic statistics, social statistics, environment statistics, development statistics, demography, surveys and census implementation, business statistics, etc.

DevStat has also a wide experience in the application of Behavioural Economics in the financial and insurance sector, with projects such as the improvement of the design of public health insurance schemes in Sudan (project funded by Europaid) or behavioural analysis of retailing investors for BBVA. To enforce its expertise in behavioural and experimental economics, DevStat has established a scientific collaboration agreement with the University of Valencia to include professor Jose Vila’s participation in DevStat research team for European Projects such as the Public Procurment Initiative for DG trade or ESTP framework contract for Eurostat. Dr. Vila has been the principal researcher of different JRC-IPTS projects in behavioural economics and analysis of decision-making under risk such as IFM-CAP or BICYBER.

Role in CYBECO

In CYBECO, DevStat will be in charge of the design, implementation and analysis of the behavioural experiments on Cyber-Insurance, leading WP5.