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The main objective of CYBECO - "Supporting Cyberinsurance from a Behavioural Choice Perspective" is to develop new mathematical models that provide tools and products, specifically insurance premiums, that help the deployment of more secure communication systems and networks.

The specific objectives of CYBECO are:

  • To overcome standard cybersecurity management methods based on risk matrices;
  • To develop an actionable cybersecurity risk management model that:
    • takes properly into account the intentionality of adversaries;
    • incorporates cyber insurance in the risk management portfolio;
    • incorporates structured expert judgement methodologies to deal with cases with little data;
    • incorporates cyber security behavioral and psychological findings concerning threat agents and IT owners considering cyber risk management;
    • facilitates optimal cyber security investments by IT owners;
  • To develop the CYBECO Toolbox implementing our risk management modelling framework to provide evidence of good practice but also concepts and tools for evaluating and demonstrating the CYBECO cybersecurity models;
  • To validate and consolidate models and tools through behavioural experiments as well as by mobilising a community of users, experts and stakeholders (insurance companies, IT security companies, researchers and policy makers) for the demonstration and validation of CYBECO models and their further development;
  • To constitute a platform for sharing information, data, experiences and expertise, to further existing knowledge by developing new approaches, methodologies and tools, and facilitate cross-national discussion and cooperation;
  • To provide policy recommendations complementary to directives and standards, identifying possible gaps;
  • To disseminate project activities and results and to diffuse knowledge created so as to enhance market potential;
  • To develop a business plan for the exploitation of results.
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